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Secondus is a Liquidator, Sack Him Now —Chukwuka Tells PDP

It is already past time the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Chief Uche Secondus should have resigned honourably or been sacked, to save the party from the death knell that is sounding. Unless this is done with the urgency it demands, Secondus may very soon propel Africa's largest party to an avoidable collapse and death.

It is not difficult to observe that Secondus has turned into PDP's liquidator. It is also not difficult to know when someone begins to function as a liquidator. A liquidator is a person officially appointed to liquidate an organization. He systematically brings an organization to its final end. He is specially appointed to wind up the affairs of an organization when the organization is closing down or bankrupt. 

Secondus has unfortunately also acquired the mentality of an undertaker and these nostalgic attributes have put PDP in its present troubles.

An undertaker is a euphemism for a funeral director. He is someone involved in the business of funeral rites or in our common parlance, burial ceremonies. An undertaker does not deal with life. He ensures that the dead stays dead.

An undertaker does not bring life. He does not inspire life and he does not work for life. Also, a liquidator does not inspire life, he does not revive dying companies or organization. Both are messengers of death. And for none of these was Secondus made Chairman of PDP 

This grim plurality of death and lifelessness was what I understood House of Representatives member, Hon. Rimamnde Shawulu alluding to when he urged Secondus to resign immediately, because of the alarming rate of mass defection of members  of the party to the All Progressives Congress, APC. Moreover, Secondus was made the National Chairman of the party to inspire the party and give life to its activities and not to liquidate the party and bury it.

When I first read Shawulu's statement, I felt the concern of a faithful party member, who has become genuinely worried about Secondus' systematic manipulation of PDP towards total collapse. It is unclear to me if party leaders understood the antecedents and orientation of the man they hired as National Chairman.

Three governors, one from the North and two from the South, have so far defected to the APC. There are rumours of many more who are bidding their time before going the same way. Senators, House Members and many prominent members have all defected. What is yet unaccounted for is the multitude of members that have defected or getting ready to defect in the States, Local Governments and Wards.

In all these, not a whisper has been heard from the National Chairman, not even a hand raised in protest. Secondus is not losing sleep over this impending tragedy because he did not come to revive PDP but to destroy it. His docility in the face of these defections, even as 2023 general elections approach is the more reason he should resign or be sacked immediately because he represents nothing but death to the party.

His present infamy is the worst form of grandstanding. How can he sit back, as if everything is fine, and watch Africa's largest party shrink so rapidly and so ignominiously? His incompetence is glaring, his loyalty to the party is suspicious. His conspiratorial silence in the face of these unprecedented defections is as unintelligent and suspicious as everything he has done since he embarked on this mission to destroy PDP.

Given Secondus' experience and exposure, can his actions and inactions since he assumed the position of PDP's National Chairman be ever excused as the sum total of his intelligence or is he really the liquidator, gradually destroying the party and also the undertaker singing requim for the party's final repose

Odinaka Chukwuka writes from


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